On The Radio

 In 50th Show

Last week Justin Edgar and I had the opportunity to head over to Dow Diamond to read the radio ads that will air next fall on ESPN 100.9. It was quite an exciting experience but a bit scary as well.

When we arrived, they gave us the script that I helped to put together and we were taken into a small, soundproof room. With the instructions to “make my lipstick touch the microphone” we were off and away. After about seven tries, I finally got through without tripping over my words or inserting a “Dang it! I messed up again!” Then it was Justin’s turn. I was a little glad he had some stumbles as well so he didn’t completely show me up, but let me tell you, he definitely has the voice and face for radio. Now all that is left for them is to take the tape, put it into a fancy program and magically make us sound amazing. I asked if they would make me sound like Ke$ha but they didn’t go for it.

Allow me to get up on my soap box for a moment and just talk about how much I love the opportunities that auto show has given me. Being able to help write an ad for a radio station as well as have my voice aired is an incredible experience. This event being completely student run makes the work that we as an executive board, as captains, and as team members mean something and matter. That’s why the auto show is so special and why so many believe in what it has to offer.

Be sure to listen in to ESPN 100.9 next fall to hear our ads being aired and for an interview with myself and Adam LaFurgey on Crunch Time. We would love to hear your feedback!


Until the show: Stay Golden

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