Meet Ryan Cole

 In 50th Show


He’s got southern charm, a critical eye, and a soft spot for Chevrolet. He’s Ryan Cole, our Domestic Chairperson.  He’s like the godfather of the Domestic Division: he takes care of his captains. I swear I get more special requests from the domestic division captains than any other and he’s always there, fighting for them and justifying the favor.  I’m very appreciative of Ryan; he keeps me laughing during those long executive board meetings.

The boy that introduced me to Top Gear sophomore year, he embodies everything a divisional chair should be.  He shows up to every meeting with the same routine: he sits down, opens up his portfolio, pulls out and clicks open his pen and is ready to go. Ryan, quite simply, looks the part. He somehow has the knack of fitting some sort of vehicle reference into every conversation I have with him.  Ryan is detail oriented, opinionated, and has a deep-rooted love for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Our pilot from Athens, Georgia, Ryan Cole is one of a kind. When it comes to the show, the one repeating line I hear out of his mouth is “I’ve got it covered” or “I’ll handle it”. He’s a hard worker, sprinkled with a bit of comic relief. And for that, we thank him.


Until the show: Stay Golden.

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