Meet David Thurlow

 In 50th Show


Who is the only person we would entrust the specialty division to? Why, David Thurlow of course! This country boy has the determination to appoint top captains to the more exotic brands on display at the show, the tenacity to make new dealer contacts while mending old ones, and the resolve to push through the challenges all divisionals face.

I see a lot of David Thurlow. Whether it’s in class, at meetings, in the office, or just hanging out, one thing has made itself perfectly clear: David has a lot to say. I find myself constantly surprised and amazed by what comes out of his mouth. He’s down to earth, energetic, and should probably just get the words “I’d rather be fishing”, tattooed on his arm.

David has a real talent of playing Devil’s advocate. While this forces the decision making timetable to extend, it pushes us to think critically about everything we do. This has helped us to make decisions that weren’t necessarily in majority favor before the discussions began, improving the overall quality we have been able to provide. It’s a frustratingly beautiful concept, and a job that he is perfect for. And for that, we thank him.


Until the show: Stay Golden.

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