Kyle Batta


Kyle Batta is this year’s Auto Show of the Palm Beaches Chairman. As a three-year veteran of the event, he has climbed the ladder from Nissan/Kia Team Captain, to Asian Brand Manager, to Chairman. Batta’s passion for the automotive industry runs much deeper than most, and it shows. With his Executive Board and Product Team leaders, he plans on revitalizing the event by incorporating the international flavor of the university and by showcasing technological breakthroughs in the industry that will change global travel. An Automotive Marketing and Management major, Batta is from Boston Massachusetts and his family is in the automotive dealership business.

Joey Brunn


As former 2013 Chairman and a four-year veteran of the show, Joey Brunn is now serving as 2014 Co-Chairman. He brings both a vast amount of enthusiasm and experience to the event, having served on the Executive Board multiple times. Brunn’s attention to detail and “get it done” attitude are instrumental in full-picture auto show operations ranging from team member management to dealer sponsors. An Automotive Marketing and Management major who hails from Tennessee, Brunn’s family is in the auto auction industry.

Genese Romeo

Domestic Brand Manager

As Domestic Brand Manager of the show, Genese Romeo is a third-year Automotive Marketing and Management student and a veteran of the event. The perfect candidate to handle the responsibilities of all domestic vehicles which represent a significant portion of the displays, she has a true passion for the automotive business that will help lead her team, and has gained much experience, thanks to her family’s automotive dealership business in New York.

Josh Matthews

Asian Brand Manager

Josh Matthews is the Asian Brand Manager of the show. As a sophomore at Northwood University with only one-year of experience, he is the least experienced Executive Board member, but brings a mixture of creativity and devotion that are hard to beat. Having previously been team captain of Lexus, Matthews is ready to step up to the Executive board as part of his mission to one day be chairman. Also an Automotive Marketing and Management major, he joins NU from a Lexus Dealership family and understands and appreciates Asian cars more than anyone.

Carolyn Buchner

European Brand Manager

As the show’s European Brand Manager, Carolyn Buchner is recognized as a dedicated two-year veteran of the auto show and a previous team captain. Now ready to take on the big leagues and manage one of the most popular attractions of the event, she will oversee some of the show’s most expensive vehicles on display. Buchner is a junior majoring in Automotive Marketing and Management as part of NU’s combination BBA/MBA program.

Andrew Catullo

Vendor Manager

As the Vendor Manager of the show, Andrew Catullo is a Hospitality Management major who hails from a long line of restaurant owners. Also an auto show veteran, he has previously served as a team member of Cadillac, and as last year’s Kia Team Captain. Given the show’s goal of having many independent vendors, Catullo has a lot on his plate, but the team believes there is no one better suited to handle the job.

Lynn Hernandez

Logistics Manager

As Logistics Manager for the show, Lynn Hernandez is applying her three-years of auto show management experience and last year’s lessons as Logistics Manager toward ensuring that the show runs smoothly. From coordinating special events such as the show’s opening VIP reception and its awards ceremony, to ensuring every guest has a space to park their car, nobody does it better than Hernandez. A senior majoring in Automotive Marketing and Management, she is originally from Massachusetts but has since moved to Florida full time and is employed by Lexus of Palm Beach.