President's Messages

Last Friday, 700 Northwood University students, faculty and staff teamed up with 30 area agencies to serve our community and Go MAD. In the end, volunteers collected 2,844 hours of service to our community and 3,000 pounds of food for area food pantries. When we come together with a common goal, the results are nothing […]

Today the Northwood University family, alongside dozens of community agencies, goes out into Midland to Go MAD—Make A Difference. One of Northwood’s close friends, Dr. Kathryn “Kitty” Hach-Darrow knows what it means to make a difference. She is a business pioneer whose life work has led to improved water quality supplies worldwide. Kitty, a Northwood […]

Since our beginning, Northwood’s philosophy has distinguished us from other universities. We bring the lessons of American free-enterprise into the college classroom, a perspective helping us to reach an ever-increasing number of students who share our values. How we execute this philosophy also differentiates us. Our ability to attract and retain great students is due […]

In business today, as in life, the only sure thing is change. That concept may scare the average consumer, but here at Northwood, we embrace it. We recognize that many times our greatest opportunities are presented to us in the form of a challenge. One of our recent challenges was a need to expand student […]

This weekend, Northwood University celebrates our 53rd Annual International Auto Show. The show has grown over the last five decades to become the largest outdoor new car auto show in North America. It is a marquee event for Northwood, and — for more than 600 students each year — it provides an unparalleled learning experience. […]

Here at Northwood University, we believe global free markets and innovative, creative leaders are the primary foundations for building successful businesses. Since our creation, we have expanded our curriculum to include adult degree program centers in more than 20 locations in eight states, and international program centers in Malaysia, China, Sri Lanka, and Switzerland. In […]

For many, the term “Freedom Week” calls to mind the Fourth of July, lively parades and summer picnics. This past week, September 12-15, was Freedom Week at Northwood University, a time to reflect on what freedom means to us as Americans and as students and faculty at Northwood. Expressed through individual rights and personal responsibility, […]

Excellence in learning begins with excellence in teaching. We know this to be a fundamental truth which is why an important part of our academic strategy is to create Endowed Chair positions for each of our major program areas. An Endowed Chair is an esteemed faculty position for distinguished professors. The chair honors academic leadership […]

Living in a technology-driven society, most companies make use of their internet sites to conduct important business. Northwood University is no different. The Northwood website is the front door to our institution, and a key tool for helping students and others navigate through our university. To make sure we continue to make a good impression, […]

Soon we will mark an exciting turning point in the lives of our freshmen and transfer students. Each year we celebrate an event we call the Crossover Ceremony. Crossover represents the day these students cross from their careers as high school students to their journey of higher education. A central focus this year, as we […]