President's Messages

Here at Northwood University, we believe global free markets and innovative, creative leaders are the primary foundations for building successful businesses. Since our creation, we have expanded our curriculum to include adult degree program centers in more than 20 locations in eight states, and international program centers in Malaysia, China, Sri Lanka, and Switzerland. In […]

For many, the term “Freedom Week” calls to mind the Fourth of July, lively parades and summer picnics. This past week, September 12-15, was Freedom Week at Northwood University, a time to reflect on what freedom means to us as Americans and as students and faculty at Northwood. Expressed through individual rights and personal responsibility, […]

Excellence in learning begins with excellence in teaching. We know this to be a fundamental truth which is why an important part of our academic strategy is to create Endowed Chair positions for each of our major program areas. An Endowed Chair is an esteemed faculty position for distinguished professors. The chair honors academic leadership […]

Living in a technology-driven society, most companies make use of their internet sites to conduct important business. Northwood University is no different. The Northwood website is the front door to our institution, and a key tool for helping students and others navigate through our university. To make sure we continue to make a good impression, […]

Soon we will mark an exciting turning point in the lives of our freshmen and transfer students. Each year we celebrate an event we call the Crossover Ceremony. Crossover represents the day these students cross from their careers as high school students to their journey of higher education. A central focus this year, as we […]

Northwood’s Midland campus has undergone many physical changes over the past year. Construction crews have touched virtually every aspect of the University—but what do our blueprints show that will appeal to students more directly? Student housing is a crucial part of the campus experience and we were thrilled to break ground this week on North […]

“Endless terror. Refugee waves. An unfixable global economy. Surprising election results. What if they were all connected? What if you could understand why?” Northwood University students and faculty are exploring the answers to these questions by reading the new book, “The Seventh Sense: Power, Fortune, and Survival in the Age of Networks,” by Joshua Cooper […]

Intensity and activity are words that best describe these final weeks of summer and the mad dash to August 29. Still more than three weeks from the start of the academic year, yet the energy here is palpable. Faculty and staff are putting the final touches on their preparations for fall. Our student athletes are […]

If you’ve been on the Midland campus this week, you might have noticed groups of students huddled together, intensely debating the mechanics of operating a thriving business. They’re not playing Pokémon Go, and they don’t have time for political conventions or much of anything else. For these 165 students who are nearly finished earning a […]

For years, transfer students have been an integral part of the very fabric that weaves Northwood University into an institution that supports the diverse backgrounds and lifestyles of students from around the world. With the purpose of preparing a range of students for future success in a free-enterprise society, Northwood has in place 3+1 programs […]