Aftermarket Major Austin Shares Experiences from Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week

Austin JeremiasLast month, 25 Northwood University Aftermarket students had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas to participate in Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week. One of those students, Austin Jeremias, shared what his experience was like!

What is your major?

Automotive Aftermarket Management

What student organizations are you involved with on campus?

The Aftermarket Club

How did you get involved with this opportunity?

I got involved through the Aftermarket program itself. In our classes were introduced to the opportunity during spring semester of my sophomore year. After applying to go to HDAW each person had to go through an interviewing process as well.

What were some of the most important things you learned during this experience?

One of the most important things I learned while attending both this past year and the year before, was that there are many opportunities available within the Heavy Duty Aftermarket industry that I hadn’t been exposed to before attending. I also learned about many of the important trends that are influencing the Heavy Duty industry today.

How will you apply this experience to your future education and career?

I will apply this experience to my future career in that I plan to go into some area the Heavy Duty Industry after graduation. Before attending HDAW both at the beginning of this year as well as last, I felt I was confined to only the traditional channels of the aftermarket, however, through attending HDAW, many other options have become apparent within the Heavy Duty industry.

Why do you think it is important for students to have these types of experiences while they are in school?

I think it is very important for students to attend these sorts of events because they not only allow students to get exposure to different facets of the industries and network with many potential employers, but it also allows students the opportunity to work directly with different companies throughout the industry.

What was the highlight of the experience for you?

The highlight of my experience at HDAW was being able to work with my sponsor company during the show, which was Dorman Products. I have worked with Dorman in the past both as an intern the past two summers as well as at such events as AAPEX/SEMA and HDAW in the past. I also very much enjoyed sitting in on the industry educational sessions throughout the week which helped me gain more insight into many of the trends that are influencing the Heavy Duty aftermarket industry as a whole today.

Anything else we should know about this experience?

HDAW is such a great experience for all of the students that attend, and everyone at the show wants each intern to experience the immense amount of camaraderie throughout the industry, and show their support for the many Northwood Students attending.