Meet TLC Tutor Daniella

Picture of DaniellaName: Daniella Gama-Diaz

How long have you been a TLC tutor?: First year

Major: Advertising & Marketing

Minor: Management

Hometown: West Bloomfield, Michigan


Year in School: Second year BBA/MBA student

Dream Job: Creative Director for an advertising firm in a big city like New York!

Other than a student, and a tutor, are you involved in anything else on campus? Yes, I am in the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority and the Honors Program. I wish I could be more involved, but my schedule is very busy!

Do you feel your experience as a tutor has been beneficial to you? Yes! It gives me a chance to meet new people, and do math which I love! It also has allowed me to practice my interpersonal skills, and I love having a job on campus.

Would you recommend working at the TLC to your friends? Absolutely! It’s a very flexible job, good schedule, and you get to practice skills you haven’t used in a while.


Daniella has been a wonderful addition to our TLC Tutor Staff! She does a fabulous job at running both our Math 980 and Econ 2210 study groups, in addition to the numerous students she works with during our drop in hours and on her own time. Daniella carries a 3.98 GPA and is certainly another very smart reason to come to the TLC!