Northwood Seniors Take 2nd Place in AMA Marketing Strategy Competition

Sarah Novak and Taylor DarbyTwo Northwood Seniors recently took 2nd place in a Marketing Strategy Competition at The American Marketing Association’s recent Intercollegiate Conference in New Orleans, LA. Sarah Novak and myself, Taylor Darby, traveled to the conference with three other Northwood students to receive an award for AMA’s 2016 Case Study which the group completed last fall, but we were shocked when we came back with an additional trophy. Both Sarah and I are graduating from Northwood in May, but plan to return in the fall to attend the DeVos Graduate School of Management. Prior to leaving for the trip, the students traveling decided that Sarah and I would be the ones to represent the chapter in an additional competition that was held live at the conference. On Friday, March 17th we reported to our competition information session at 9 A.M. and felt somewhat out of place upon walking into the room as we were both in business professional attire and many of the other contestants were not. We were instantly relieved and thankful to Northwood for teaching us appropriate attire for presentations when the advisor running the competition told everyone that those without business professional attire on would need to change before their time slot.

“I joined AMA after Sarah asked if I would help with the writing portion of the case study. I was not prepared for the numerous opportunities that the club would bring and feel that this club has prepared me for the real world!  –Taylor Darby, Senior

The first round of the competition consisted of 21 minutes to create a marketing strategy for a company, seven minutes to present the strategy to a panel of three judges, and then three minutes to answer two questions from the judges. After completing the first round Sarah and I felt great about our presentation and became anxious to hear the results later that night. It seemed like it took forever for 6 o’clock to come, but the entire Northwood crew attended the closing event for the day where various awards were given out. It wasn’t until the end of the night that AMA announced that out of 98 teams only 16 would move onto the semi-finals.Marketing Strategy Competition Semi-Finals List

There it was among some of the largest, most prestigious Universities in the nation… Northwood University! It didn’t take long before Sarah and I became set on winning the competition no matter what credentials and experience we may or may not have had. The next morning, we reported to another instructional session, but now with only 14 other school teams present. The task was the same only with a new panel of judges, after which we were to report back to see if our team made it into the finals.

Marketing Strategy Competition Finals ListOnce again we were amazed to find our team in the top six! Similar to the first two rounds we had 21 minutes to prepare a marketing strategy, seven minutes to present, and three minutes for questions only this time there were six judges. Once we finished we were finally able to breathe except for the fact that we had to wait until the award ceremony to find out the results.

The awards were given out at the very end of the evening so by the time the Marketing Strategy Competition came on the screen, Sarah and I were both on the edge of our seats. Out of the six teams that competed in the finals AMA presented 1st through 5th place winners. Winners began to be announced and as 5th, 4th, and 3rd place passed, we got nervous because either we did really well or we were the 6th place team who would receive nothing. Beside Sarah and myself, I don’t think that anyone was more surprised and more delighted than Northwood AMA’s chapter advisor, Dr. Hosein, as this was the first time Northwood students have won an award for competing in a live event.

            “This year AMA has given me some of the best hands-on experience in marketing and leadership that I have had during my Northwood career; from running the case study to competing in the marketing strategy competition, I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience.” –Sarah Novak

Sarah Novak and Taylor Darby with their awardSarah and I are both thankful to Northwood for preparing us as students to handle anything thrown our way and to Dr. Hosein who provided us the opportunity to compete for our chapter. We strongly encourage other students to take full advantage of the organizations that Northwood has to offer, especially AMA because no matter your expertise or background you have talents to bring to the team. NU AMA meets on Thursdays at 5 PM in Sloan 109 and is beginning to work on the 2017 Case Study so if you want to gain valuable experience doing real-life marketing tasks come check out the group!


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