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Go Green With Vegan Apparel

The fashion industry is taking a turn to becoming more eco-friendly, and designers are quickly realizing the consumers are starting to stand by their decision to go green in their own closet. However, there are many consumers that would like to go green, but don’t know how or where to buy. Going vegan is the simplest way! Vegan apparel basically means that if any animal was harmed in the process of producing the textile, then its off limits. So, check your label! If it includes anything that says 100% organic cotton, bamboo, tencel, PET (recycled plastic bottles), and polyester, then you are in the clear! Some designers that are completely vegan in the fashion industry are Elizabeth Olsen and Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart. Patagonia is also known for making great active wear made from recycled plastic!  So, next time your out shopping for your next cute outfit, take a second and think about how it was made. Think of our planet and all the great ways to help save it, like buying vegan apparel!


This is a vegan leather dress carried at Free People