Meet Adam LaFurgey

 In 50th Show


The man in charge, the General Chair, but we just like to call him Adam. Running North America’s largest outdoor auto show requires a lot of work, and given enough room, I’m sure he would move his bed into his office considering the amount of time he spends working in there. He’s loud, opinionated, and most importantly, passionate. Adam has this uncanny ability to pull the group opinion in favor of one idea, a difficult task considering he is dealing with thirteen of us who all want to be heard.

Adam is the type of guy who likes to have a good time, but understands when he needs to be serious and get down to business. He always holds the door for others, makes an effort to let everyone know when they are doing a good job (except for me, somehow I always end up getting “fired” for my hard work), and always uses his hands when he speaks.

Whenever Adam talks about the show, he lights up and a rush of excitement and energy follows. He exudes such passion and it’s contagious. As the show gets closer and closer, this only builds. If he’s at all nervous about how close the show is, nobody would know it. He’s our fearless leader with charisma to boot. NUIAS is pretty lucky to have him on board, and come that last weekend in September, the greatest show to ever grace campus will be unveiled.


Until the show: Stay Golden.

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