Meet Justin Edgar

 In 50th Show


He knows cars, he knows people, and he knows what’s up. He’s Justin Edgar, our Vice Chair of Divisionals. He brings the fire to our meetings, always smiling and full of energy (even at the least college student friendly time of 7AM on a Monday morning). In the world of automotive dealers, I was disillusioned into thinking that when it came to the show, there would be nothing but excellent communication and cooperation. How wrong I was. I’m glad to know that we have Justin on the front lines for us, making the tough calls and putting in the hours.

I won’t lie, my interview for a position on the Executive Board was incredibly intimidating and I was a nervous wreck.  Justin made me feel at ease and has been doing the same thing for all of us ever since. As the host of NUIAS TV, it’s not hard to see that he loves the spotlight almost as much as he loves the auto show. He’s a lover not a fighter, easygoing, and loves dogs and country music.

The best thing that Justin brings to the table is that he reminds all of us why we are here, putting in the hours and working so hard. In his world, there is no reason why work and play can’t be combined. Whenever things get tense and stressful, his smile and laugh gets us back on track. Needless to say, things would be a lot less fun without him around, and for that we thank him.

Until the show: Stay Golden

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