Meet Emily Devantier

 In 50th Show


Heavy trucks are unique, they’re powerful, and all around awesome, much like our Heavy Truck Chair: Emily Devantier. Getting these monster vehicles on campus is no easy task, but Emily has gotten it down to a science. As one of the lesser known divisions with the auto show, she has had to work incredibly hard to fill her teams with passionate students and ambitious captains. This girl means business.

Emily is someone I had never met before the auto show executive board was assembled and I’m incredibly glad I did. She’s laid back, loves the mall, and has hosts the best taco/movie nights. Not to mention, she drives an Equinox which makes her okay in my book. She’s got not worries, and can help calm me down when I get over stressed.

When it comes to Emily, she is capable of a lot. We know that when she asks for help on something, it’s truly necessary and she’s tried everything she possibly can; which is probably why we don’t ever hear her ask for much. She’s low maintenance, and a lot of fun. And for that, we thank her.


Until the show: Stay Golden.