Meet Mike Robins

 In 50th Show


He drives a cool car, he’s got style, and he’s an automotive aftermarket major. It’s safe to say that Mike Robins, our Aftermarket Chair, is pretty fly. The aftermarket division is somewhat unusual as he is dealing with both dealers and vendors, but he does get to oversee a lot of unique, and pretty “tricked out”, vehicles. It’s no surprise that his displays revolve around the new millennium in the decades lineup.

One of the things I like most about Mike is his vast and incredible knowledge of the automotive industry. When having a conversation with him, there is no questioning what his major is. He can somehow squeeze some sort of vehicle reference into every conversation. Mike is quite entertaining, appreciative, and I’m pretty sure that motor oil runs through his veins.

With roughly thirty teams to oversee as well as many manufacturers with last minute requests, it’s a pretty strenuous job. His division is fairly unique so he faces different issues than other divisionals. He’s managing some of the coolest, most popular, cars at the show and has worked hard to bring them to Northwood University. And for that, we thank him.


Until the show: Stay Golden.

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