Meet Gabrielle Doman

 In 50th Show


She’s whip smart and incredibly creative (not a common combination among Accounting majors), she’s Gabrielle Doman, one of the executive board’s most valuable assets. No wonder she so easily took on the fusion of two executive board positions—CFO and Special Projects. We trust her not only with all the money, but more importantly, we trust her to make us look good.

I met Gabrielle freshman year and have lived with her for two years now. And it’s safe to say that I love this girl, I truly do. There is never a dull moment with G. After many late night Speedway slushie runs and delicious dinners (where the only part I play is doing the dishes afterwards) I’ve really gotten to know our CFO. She’s incredibly organized, bubbly, and has a bit of an unhealthy obsession with shoes and nail polish. It’s these characteristics, and many more, that make her so lovable—even if she’s playing the “my way or the highway” card.

Gabrielle’s unique personality brings something fun to the table at executive board meetings. She’s always the best dressed and has instant witty comebacks that are pretty great. Her updates on her work are interesting, brief, and relevant. It’s pretty clear that she’s doing her job well. And for that, we thank her.


Until the show: Stay Golden.