Meet Alicia Laeder

 In 50th Show


She’s feisty, determined, and gets results. That’s Alicia Laeder for you, our Fundraising and VIP Panel Chairperson. The combination of two chair positions may seem intimidating to the common man, but Alicia was ready to take on the challenge and has exceeded expectations. Her hard work and dedication has financed the show and brought an all-star lineup to our VIP Panel.

One of the best characteristics that Alicia has is her ability to be the calm in the midst of the storm. When things get hectic, I can count on her relaxed, even tone to save the day. In addition, she has the skill and expertise to make DELICIOUS subs, carefully braided into a 50th design. It’s this attention to detail that makes her really good at her job.

Alicia is the most seasoned veteran on the executive board. She was on the Junior Executive Board for 2 years, Team Captain of Alternative Fuel freshmen year (Let me clarify, this is a big deal. We don’t let freshmen be captains.), and this is her second year on the Executive Board. It’s no surprise that she usually has the answers to the questions that stump the rest of us.


Stay Golden.

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