Meet Hayley Dahl

 In 50th Show


Our spotlight woman, the organizer, and the documenter. Hayley Dahl the Multimedia Chair does it all. All the fabulous pictures that you saw posted throughout the weekend were taken by her, but there is so much more to the woman behind the camera. All of the technology stuff (things that I cannot understand), she completely takes care of, including this blog!

Hayley Dahl is the jelly to my peanut butter. Much of public relations and multimedia coincide, so I had the unique privilege of seeing a lot of her. Pretty much, she has become one of my limbs. I don’t know what I would do without her. From the Qdoba meetings, half-priced apps discussions, and Panera breakfasts (yes, we love each other and food), I have really gotten to know this girl. She’s high energy, social, and has a contagious laugh. These make her perfect for the position she had for the past ten months.

Hayley has a knack for bringing all of us together. All of the outings and hangouts were primarily coordinated by her. This was extremely important to the flow of the show. This extra time we spent together outside meetings helped us understand how to work with one another. She always volunteered to help when we needed her and was always there with support and a smile. And for that, we thank her.


Stay Golden.

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