Where do you get your influence?

We all aspire to be “fashionable”, but we all view this in a different way, we all get our inspiration from different places.  Where do you get your inspiration?  Often times we are influenced based on what celebrities are wearing, whether we see it on twitter, instagram, or in the latest issue of Vogue.  We often times can’t buy exactly what they are pictured wearing, but fast fashion has allowed us to be able to find garments that are very similar to what celebrities wear, or what we see on the runway.

Maybe you don’t get your influence from celebrities, or those who are considered “fashion leaders”.  Maybe you get your influence from your culture, from being around your friends.  You may pick a certain trend and put your own twist on it to be able to “fit in”, but still express your own personality.

Who knows, maybe there are people who get their fashion influence from you.  Just remember, wherever you get your inspiration, find a way to make it your own.  Express yourself, and really show the world your true colors.  How you dress is a way for you to communicate without even speaking a single word.


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