For the love of Birkenstocks

“Whoah, nice Jesus sandals…” my friend uttered as I walked through her door.I looked down at my feet. It was the one of the first days that it was nice enough to wear my newest pair of Birkenstocks. I got the black double strap sandals at the end of last summer and barely broke them in. I instantly defended my favorite summer shoes. “I didn’t say that I didn’t like them,” she said staring at my feet, “but they definitely look like Jesus sandals.” I laughed. She had a point. However, I am happy to see that my wonderful German slides are slowly easing their way into mainstream fashion again. If you don’t have a pair, you should. If you have an imitation pair, I urge you to bite the bullet and get the real thing. If you’re not sure about the style and design, take a second look. If you are questioning any of this, let me convince you.   Birkenstocks began just a few years ago in 1774. They are German born, bred, and raised. They were the pioneers of the flexible cork foot bed. Cork? You ask, how comfortable can cork be? At first, my dear reader, they are awful. I am not going to lie to you. Just like your favorite pair of personally worn in jeans, Birks need broken in. After about a week of wearing them, the foot bed will mold to your foot. There will be a permanent blackish foot print in the sandal. And TA-DA you have the perfect summer sandal to do anything in! The foot bed is made to contour to your foot to make the sandal perfect for you. They provide support where you need it and comfort everywhere else. The classic leather and buckle shoes are made with strong and durable materials. Leather and cork can take a beating and they are built to be abused and worn for years. Along with being durable and up for anything, Birkentsock’s have extremely eco-friendly manufacturing. They are the first shoe brand to use almost completely water-soluble and solvent-free adhesives. Along with doing a whole load of other wonderful nature loving stuff, Birks are helping the environment and your feet alike. Which makes them pretty much super heroes right?

Style-birkenstock-slippers-2010-for-men-red_3837313_0_bakThey can explain all this much better than I can. Check out their site and see what they have to say for themselves.

If you have seen a pair of traditional Birks, you may not be in love with the look. The thick two strap sandals are not everyone’s favorite. However, the number of styles are growing and changing. From a strappy cross toe to a flip flop to a gladiator to a year around shoe, there is a Birk style for everyone. The best part is I wear mine with everything. A Sundresse to a romper, Birks just flow with a summer wardrobe. Comfort, style, durability, Birks really only have one downfall in my eyes; their price. Usually dancing around the $80 to $150 range, for a college student like me, that price can make you cringe a little. That is a lot of groceries. But stay with me. If you don’t have the best feet, which honestly, who does, Birks will change your life. I have an extremely high arched foot which causes my ankles to fall in and it’s not fun. No support means foot and back pain. My Birks molding to my feet means summer fun with happy feet! Also, I am rough on my shoes. I am the first one to trek off the trail, climb up a tree or do whatever else a summer adventure can bring. I wear my Birks almost constantly in the summer, so they do everything with me. My first pair has been abused for two summers now and barely show any wear. They are probably one of the best pairs of shoes that I have ever owned. I plan on buying my third pair within my next paycheck or two. Even though they are the most expensive thing I own besides my car, I know I am getting my money’s worth out of them. So, why Birks over another sandal? They are durable, comfortable and have a lot of other great things about them that we chatted about. But are they really in style? Does anyone else really feel the Birk love? If you take a peek at any of the top fashion magazines and see what their ‘Top Summer 2015’ picks are you might find a Birkenstock listed, mentioned, or a shoe with a similar style. The first sentence in Elle about their summer picks was “This summer, our feet got a break while we happily skipped around in our fashion editor-approved white Birkenstocks.” While there are other choices for sandals in Birks price range, the Birkenstock has a lot to offer the consumer. Style, comfort and durability are the trifecta of any sandal and is hard to find.


Two of my best pals and I all wearing our Birks for a summer day!

I fell in love with Birks my freshman year of college. When I first saw them I wasn’t sure. I find them to be a more popular with men, so I never really saw many ‘cute’ styles. After 2 semesters of seeing them around I was inclined to try out my first pair. After ordering the best deal I could find, I was excited to try them out. They arrived, I broke them in and fell in love. It’s your classic fairytale. This spring and summer I have been seeing a lot more of the Birk style knock offs in stores: American Eagle, Forever 21, Payless, and Target to name a few. The casual sandal style can always be found on someone’s feet when the weather turns and toes can be out. However, this season, they are popping up a little more in retail stores. They haven’t made a Ked’s comeback or taken over like Converse did, but they are sprinkled in with other summers must-haves and are there when you need the right kind of sandal. It is easy to fall in love with the design, look and ‘cool, easy going, throwback’ feel you get when wearing a pair. But do your feet a favor, stay true to the brand, spend a bit more and get a way better product than Target or Forever 21 can provide you with. In the end when you only need one pair of sandals for 4 summers rather than 6, you won’t feel like that $90 is so much anymore. Not like my stamp of approval means much, but they have it! Based on the relationship that we have built during this article I feel like they will have yours too. Hit up a shoe store try on a pair. Figure out your European shoe size and find your perfect style. Strut around the store and remember they are not broken in yet. Give them a try and let your feet fall in love this summer!

Be Good. Have fun.

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