Professor, Board of Governor Share Insight Relating to Workplace Productivity

Professor Cathy Bush

Professor Cathy Bush shares perspectives relating to work space personalities with reporter Dan Corcoran.

Northwood University Florida professor Cathy Bush and Board of Governor Frank McKinney recently shared their expertise and insight relating to workspace productivity with a television crew from the nationally televised The List. The segment may be viewed here .

By applying her knowledge of organizational psychology along with her extensive experience as a professor, researcher and consultant, Bush toured the television studio of the show’s local affiliate to provide an analysis of the various work spaces, and what they say about their inhabitants.

From very organized areas, to those more cluttered and chaotic, Bush shared common attributes and personality types that can positively contribute to an organization in different ways.

Recognized across the globe as a real estate ‘Artist,’ and the creative force behind the creation of some of the world’s most magnificent oceanfront mansions built on speculation, Northwood University Florida Board of Governor Dr. Frank McKinney welcomed the crew into his oceanfront treehouse office to gain insight relating to the inspirations behind his architectural masterpieces and his 5 bestselling books. There, he shared how the unique work space, complete with a view of the Atlantic ocean, helped to aspire him to greatness. “It doesn’t matter what line of work one is in, it’s ingenuity and creativity that are rewarded in business today,” said McKinney.

“Thanks so much to Northwood University Florida Professor Cathy Bush and to Board of Governor Frank McKinney for so quickly responding to my interview requests,” said Susan McCreery, Northwood University’s Director of Public Relations.  “We’re thankful that media members appreciate the value that our leaders and professors offer both inside and outside of the classroom,” she said.

Dr. Cathy Bush holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Central Michigan University. For the past two decades she has studied and invested in the development of leadership in individuals and groups as a professor, a researcher, a consultant, and an executive coach. Her consulting experiences include working with a number of organizations in a wide variety of industries while providing workshops and consulting with leaders on organizational issues such as team effectiveness, process improvement, employee retention, performance management, employee satisfaction, employee assessment and selection, and change management. Dr. Bush has taught Northwood University MBA program leadership and marketing classes since 2001, and recently served as the Academic Dean of the DeVos Graduate School of Management for all Northwood University campuses.

Recognized throughout the globe as a real estate ‘Artist,’ and the creative force behind some of the world’s finest and most magnificent mansions ever built, Northwood University Florida Board of Governor Frank McKinney sees opportunities and creates markets where none have existed before. Prior to the sale of his new multi-million dollar “Acqua Liana” mansion, he had sold, with an asking price of $50 Million, the largest and most expensive spec home ever created, containing 72 rooms, 32,000 square feet, 12 bedrooms, 18 baths, and a 14 car garage. Since his first $2.2 million oceanfront spec home in 1992, Frank McKinney has created and sold 41 oceanfront properties with an average selling price over $14 million.

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