Northwood Presents 2015 Style Show Executive Board

Bound to be a night to remember, Northwood University’s 14th Annual “Labels of Love” themed Style Show will take place Friday, April 17th, at 8:00pm at the Hach Student Life Center on Northwood University’s Michigan campus located at 4000 Whiting drive in Midland. The public is invited to attend the event as well as the following gala reception. For additional information, please visit NU Style Show  or email Kristin Hammond at .

Featuring a live gallery of couture inspired by the passion and love that fashion inspires, the event is completely constructed by an executive board of 19 members, all from diverse majors, which allows them to bring their own unique interpretation of the overall theme into the show.

Style Show Chair Brianna Blumenherst was chosen in May 2014, and has been hard at work planning and leading the executive board to produce a successful event. “I am so excited that the show is quickly approaching! Everything is really coming together tremendously and I have had the incredible privilege of working with a fabulous team. They have come up with so many creative and unique ideas for this year’s show bringing in elements we have never had before. I cannot wait to see all of our dreams for ‘Labels of Love’ come true. I am confident that this show will be one to remember,” she said. Executive board members include:

Brianna Blumenherst—Style Show Chair

Brianna Blumenherst is a senior from Fort Wayne, Indiana. She is pursuing a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management and is the daughter of Bill and Pam Blumenherst. Brianna is actively involved at Northwood University as a member of the Varsity golf team, STUDENT ATHLETIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE, and  Student Ambassadors. 

Hannah Stine—Style Vice Chair

Senior Hannah Stine is working toward a major in Fashion Marketing & Management and a minor in Entertainment, Sports & Promotion Management. The Findlay, Ohio native is the daughter of Tracy and Mark Oberst and is involved at Northwood University with the Student Alumni Network. 

Taylor McKenna—Marketing Vice Chair

Taylor McKenna is a senior at Northwood University pursing a major in Marketing with a minor in Fashion Marketing & Management. From Waterford, Michigan, Taylor is the daughter of MaryAnn and Matthew McKenna. On campus, she works as a Student Ambassador.

Sydney Nestor—Show Vice Chair

From White Lake, Michigan is senior Sydney Nestor, daughter of John and Karen Nestor. At Northwood University, Sydney is working toward a major in Fashion Marketing & Management while also involved as a Student Ambassador and a member of Cause for Paws. 

Emily Vergin—Production Chair

Emily Vergin is a senior at Northwood University pursing a major in Management and minor in Accounting. From Milford, Michigan, Emily is the daughter of Russ and Ellen Vergin She is actively involved in the Northwood University golf team and STUDENT ATHLETIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE.

Chloe Kinsey—Co-Event Chair     

From Monroe, Michigan, Chloe Kinsey is the daughter of Barry and Kelly Kinsey. The senior is working toward a major in Management and minor in Marketing at Northwood University. She is a member of the NU track team as well as Business Professionals of America (BPA).

Steven Shaheen—Co-Event Chair

Senior Steven Shaheen will complete his undergraduate degree in May with a major in Automotive Marketing & Management. He is actively involved in photography, fashion, and the Northwood University International Auto Show. From East Lansing, Michigan, Steven is the son of Dan and Maureen Shaheen and Sandra Esposito.

Brandon Blaskowski—Gala Chair

Brandon Blaskowski is a senior pursuing a major in Hospitality with a dual minor in Marketing as well as Advertising. The son of Kurt and Carol Blaskowski, Brandon is from Cheboygan, Michigan. Highly involved on campus, he is involved with the Stafford Dinner, intramural sports, Northwood University Hospitality Enterprise, and the Northwood University International Auto Show.

Mandi Bartnik—Chief Financial Officer

With a major in Accounting and a dual major in Economics and Management is Mandi Bartnik. The senior from Cass City, Michigan is the daughter of Dave and Shelly Bartnik. At Northwood University, she is involved with Alpha Chi Omega as well as the Student Alumni Network.

Mia Serrano—Fundraising/Volunteer Chair

Sophomore Mia Serrano is from Laingsburg, Michigan and is the daughter of Frank Serrano and Karen Mallon. She is currently pursuing a major in Marketing at Northwood University and is involved with the Mock Trial team.

Jennifer Spink—Publications Chair

Junior Jennifer Spink, is currently working toward a major in Marketing as well as a minor in Economics as part of Northwood University’s accelerated BBA/MBA program. From Munith, Michigan Jenny is the daughter of Jim Spink and Pam and Craig Mackinder. She is involved with POW.MIA Search and Recovery Group and The Bent and Prop Project.

Kristin Hammond—Public Relations Chair

From Alma, Michigan Kristin Hammond is the  daughter of W. Andrew and Victoria Hammond. The senior will graduate with a dual major in Entertainment, Sports & Promotion Management as well as Automotive Marketing & Management. At Northwood University, she is involved with The Automotive Group, the Northwood University International Auto Show, and intramural sports.

Kendal Penney—Campus Relations Chair

Sophomore Kendal Penny is working toward a major in Fashion Marketing & Management with a minor in Entertainment, Sport & Promotion Management. From Clarkston, MI, Kendal is the daughter of Marybeth and Michael Penney and is involved at Northwood University with Cause for Paws.

Valencia Lynch—Beauty Chair

Valencia Lynch is a senior majoring in Fashion Marketing and Management and is the daughter of Robin and Shelton Lynch of Flint, Michigan. She is a member of the Northwood track and field team.

Julia Rule—Collections Co-Chair

Julia Rule is a junior pursuing her degree in Fashion Marketing and Management and the daughter of John and Sandra Rule. The Midland native is a participant in RENU Campus Church.

Meaghan Gorkowski—Collections Co-Chair

Senior Meaghan Gorkowski is majoring in Fashion Marketing & Mangement with a minor in Marketing and is the daughter of Tim and Dolores Gorkowski. She is involved at Northwood University with Alpha Chi Omega.

Bailey Kryzminski—Collections Co-Chair

Bailey Kryzminski is a senior majoring in Fashion Marketing & Management at Northwood University. She is the daughter of Kim Knapp of Bay City, Michigan. Bailey does freelance marketing for The Fix – a downtown café in uptown Bay City as well as working at Violets Blue in downtown Bay City.

Jordan Walker—Model Executive Chair

Jordan Walker is a senior from Davisburg, Michigan and is the daughter of Robert Walker and Virginia (Walter) Engh. Majoring in Entertainment, Sport & Promotion Management, Jordan is involved with Alpha Gamma Delta, Order of Omega, is a Student Ambassador, and is involved with Student Admissions Support.

Alexandra Kuch—Student Design Chair

Alexandra Kuch is a senior at Northwood University majoring in Fashion Marketing and Management. She is the daughter of Jennifer and Mike Kuch of Bay City, Michigan and works at My Secret Garden and Alteration Shop and is designing her own collection for the Northwood Style Show.

“Northwood University students have been working extremely hard this year in preparation for another spectacular show. ‘Labels of Love’ is sure to please people of all ages. Add in the fashionable looks from our student designers, along with various stores, and this show will once again dazzle the audience. It’s always thrilling to be able to showcase our students and their talents at this wonderful annual event,” said Professor Jill Ouellette, chair of the Fashion Marketing and Management department who oversees the executive board and is a support system for her students, helping them to execute the success of the show.

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