My Style, Our Show

Jessie Hinkle and Paige Vizard wearing my designs for the Style Show

Jessie Hinkle and Paige Vizard wearing my designs for the Style Show

Hey! My name is Amelia, and this is a story about how procrastination didn’t turn out horribly wrong.

I’m a Fashion Marketing and Management major here at Northwood University, and some of you may have seen me rushing around campus in my heels these past weeks. Well, in between the rushing and stress eating mozzarella sticks in the Mid-Caf I’ve been doing an awful lot of sewing. This year I’ve had the pleasure of working with the other fashion majors, E-Board, and other volunteers to put on this year’s Style Show: Play With Fashion.

It all began with one project in my Introduction to Fashion Merchandising class last semester. Now,  a trend board doesn’t sound like last push on the edge of genius, but it definitely struck a chord when it came to my designs. In my research I found that Spring 2016 was supposed to time-warp back into the 70’s (which I was more than okay with), and with bit of knowledge I went out and got the one fabric any sane person would; paisley. However, have no worry, it wasn’t paisley-paisley but enough to be reminiscent of the 70’s.

This is where the procrastination set in, I had that fabric for nearly a month before I touched it. It lay in its bag; sometimes adorned in fallen makeup brushes, pencils, or pieces from that morning outfit that just didn’t make the cut. Finally nearly a week before the deadline, I picked up my sketches, the fabric, and sewed for hours on end. Luckily my roommate was tolerant, cheering me on and calling my creations “zesty”, which to this day I’m still taking as a compliment.

The first design took the longest to prepare, putting panels in a top is far harder than I had initially thought, but I had time and the ability to sew a straight line. So after 2 or 3 tries I had a foundation I was comfortable working around. The piece for my first look was on one of my best friends and soon-to-be roommate Jessie Hinkle. It took a bit of adjusting, and laughing, and tape, but when it came to rocking the runway she hit every mark.

The second look was on my sister, Paige Vizard, who is the person I started sewing for initially. When we were little, Paige and I would cut up and repurpose clothes, I always felt really comfortably sewing for her, and still do. It’s crazy but the final look she wore on the runway was the first time she actually tried on the garment and it managed to fit perfectly; luck was on my side. Paige lives 2 1/2 hours from me, but is an aspiring model, so I asked her to come up and do the show with me; and oh boy was that a treat.

I’m not one to walk quickly outside, let alone rush around a slick gym trying to get everything ready. I was stressed, I was a mess, but I looked great; and that’s what was driving me. That first walk for the 5pm show was the most magic I’ve felt since I was a kid watching The Lord of The Rings with my Papa. The lights were blinding, the music was loud, but it made me fall in love with my major again. For some time I had been thinking about transferring and pursuing history, but something about seeing people respond well to my clothing rekindled my flame. Now it’s back and hotter than ever.

I’ll never forget this experience, and you can bet you’ll all see my pieces again next year. It was a pleasure to work with everyone involved in the show and I hope even more participate in the next show!

Rock the runway, Timberwolves. 

P.S. I took over Northwood’s Snapchat account during the fashion show. Check out the day through my eyes!