Making A Difference Everyday

 Kurt Karas is a Marketing Major here at Northwood University, going into his senior year. This summer Kurt is interning at Billhighway in Troy, Michigan. Read what Kurt has to say about his experience this summer below!

  1. What is your major? I am entering my senior year at Northwood University as a marketing major! The skills I hav
    e developed as a direct result of Northwood University are those that will last a lifetime. Although I am young, these skills are already helping me through my career path.
  2. What student organizations are you involved with on campus? On campus, I am involved with the S.A.N. or Student Alumni Network. I am currently on the board for the club as Campus and Community Chair. We help out with selling beverages at venues such as Ford Field and the Palace of Auburn Hills. It is a volunteer based club. A portion of the proceeds earned at the events sponsors our club to go on exciting networking adventures across America!
  3. How did you get involved with this opportunity? I got involved through this opportunity at Billhighway through a simple application. I came in for an interview and was WOW’d by their Powered by Fun attitute. Their Do More. Impact More. Grow More. mentality is a motto to live by. Strive to make a difference every single day.
  4. What were some of the most important things you learned during this experience? Throughout this experience, I have learned an abundance of things. I have learned it is important to fail. It is almost encouraged to fail at some point. The key takeaway here being learn from your mistake and don’t make it again. I have worked with vendors in setting up events and conferences. I have explored Salesforce and the ins and outs of e-mail marketing. I have also discovered important factors within B2B marketing. It is unusual, yet extraordinary to see the growth and sales team work so closely together. I have learned applications and skills that will improve my well-being and help spring my career to the next step.
  5. How will you apply this experience to your future education and career? Throughout the remainder of my education journey and career, I now know to always ask questions. Do not just complete a task simply because you were asked to. Understand why you are completing a task in order to put full passion and effort into everything you do. There is no greater feeling than a sense of accomplishment. If you are working towards a goal that improves the direction of your organization, that feeling will be fulfilled.
  6. Why do you think it is important for students to have these types of experiences while they are in school? I think these experiences are important for students so they know what to expect in the real world. You cannot simply graduate and expect to maintain a position at a company without any prior experience. It takes going through failure and working through tough situations in order to build yourself up. Be the best person you can be. Understand how to have crucial conversations and come together as a team to accomplish the ultimate task.
  7. What was the highlight of the experience for you? The highlight of the experience for me was when we participated in a cereal drive for the DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan across the street. To see an entire company get together and raise THOUSANDS of ounces of cereal was astonishing. To be apart of something like this was really close to my heart. I love Billhighway and everything they stand for.
  8. Anything else we should know about this experience? It is fantastic to show up to work everyday and be greeted by open and uplifting personalities. Consider how you can help the company before taking a position, not how they can help you.