Meet TLC Tutor Noah

Name: Noah Jankowski

How long have you been a TLC tutor: First Year

Major: Business Management

Home town: Flint, Michigan

Year in School: Sophomore

Dream Job: Upper management, CEO, Business Owner


What did Nathan have to say when asked a few questions? 


TLC: Other than a student, and a tutor, are you involved in anything else on campus?

You: Yes, I am very active member the NU Investing Club and participated in the Emerging Leaders program my freshmen year.


TLC: Do you feel your experience as a tutor has been beneficial to you?

You: It will definitely be beneficial to me because it will keep what I have learned fresh in my memory and more importantly it gives me the opportunity to help others.


TLC: Would you recommend working at the TLC to your friends?

You: Yes! It allows you to grow your leadership, communication, and teaching abilities.


TLC: Noah has been a great addition to our TLC Tutor team. He embodies all we strive to be here at the TLC. He is intelligent, patient, friendly and really good at teaching others!