Meet Your TLC Tutor


Meet TLC Tutor Parker

Name: Parker Tillman          Picture of TLC Tutor

How long have you been a TLC tutor: Second Year

Major: Business Administration

Home town: Ada, Michigan

Year in School: Senior

Dream Job: Detective, Entrepreneur, and or Business Consultant



TLC: Other than a student, and a tutor, are you involved in anything else on campus?

You: Yes, I have been a football player for NU since the fall of 2014.

TLC: Do you feel your experience as a tutor has been beneficial to you?

You: Yes, because it has really boosted my communication skills.

TLC: Would you recommend working at the TLC to your friends?

You: Yes, for those that qualify, being a TLC tutor is very rewarding when you are able to help fellow students comprehend concepts from a class.

TLC: As an offensive linemen on our Football team, Parker was placed on the GLIAC All-Academic Excellence team. In addition, he is a two-time wrestling state High School champion and also a two-time Rugby state champion. When he is not getting it done on the athletic field, he is hard at work maintaining his impressive 3.75 GPA!