Results of the 2018 DECA State Competition

2018 DECA State Competition Results

I am very excited to share the results of the 2018 DECA State Competition. These results are significant when you keep in mind that 12 colleges had teams at the competition, and to place, we must overcome schools such as the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Oakland University. It is no easy task. DECA state attendees from Northwood University

Further, we compete in more difficult areas (prepared events). Our students must complete a proctored 100-question exam, submit a perfect 15-page paper (penalty points are assessed for each error) and present their case to subject matter experts.


We had nearly our entire team of 24 qualify as finalists at the event (a significant achievement in itself).

1st Place: Corporate Finance

1st Place: Entrepreneurship

1st Place: Emerging Technologies and Strategies

1st Place: Business to Business Marketing

1st Place: Fashion Merchandising and Marketing

2nd Place: Financial Statement Analysis

2nd Place: Business Research

2nd Place: Advertising Campaign

2nd Place: Fashion Merchandising and Marketing

2nd Place: Marketing Management

3rd Place: Marketing Management


We also have the honor of having all three Michigan Collegiate DECA Officer’s on our campus this fall.

Elections for State Office were held, and we won all three offices:

2018-19 Michigan Collegiate DECA President, Annelise Norton (Junior)

2018-19 Michigan Collegiate DECA Vice President, Michael Wills (Delta Community College 3+1 student that will begin his studies at Northwood this fall)

 2018-19 Michigan Collegiate DECA Secretary, Richard Ascherl (Freshman)   

Members of Competition Team that Competed at the DECA State Competition:

Schmidt, Amanda R‎; Cornman, Taryn J‎; Paul, Samantha M‎; Walsh, Joseph P‎; Shaddock, Michael J‎; Geneseo, Anna L‎; Brown, Allison F‎; Kemp-Jordan, De’Andre N‎; Ascherl, Richard R‎; Bauer, Nathan C‎; Comar, Erik B‎; Hendley, Ashley M‎; Hinton, Todd‎; Holmes, Clay R‎; Johnson, Lance‎; Kapp, Angelo E‎; Mansfield, Damian‎; Norton, Annelise M‎; Snable, Alexandra N‎; Vaillancourt, Matthew M‎; Weber, Noah W‎; Weihl, Alaina‎; Walters, Jacob‎; Kajdasz, Sarah A

NU DECA Advisor: John Gustincic, Director, Alden B. Dow Center for Creativity & Enterprise