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Spirit Week Starts Now!

Spirit Week starts today and goes through Saturday! Get pumped up all week long leading up to our first home

My Style, Our Show

Hey! My name is Amelia, and this is a story about how procrastination didn’t turn out horribly wrong. I’m a

Celebrate National Library Week at Strosacker Library

Join us for a week of fun as we celebrate National Library Week at the Strosacker Library! This year’s theme

Representative Gary Glenn’s talk on Michigan’s Energy Future

Representative Gary Glenn came to Northwood to speak about his thoughts on what Michigan’s energy future should look like. However,

Do we need more Sweatshops? Debate Summary

Last night we had one of our most interesting and entertaining debates of all time! Former NU professor Jim Johnson

Robert Iwamasa: Fireside Chat

“Your generation is going to be the future, that’s why it’s important to do things for other people; to help.”

Lt. Colonel Allen B. West #NUVEW

“A man must stand for something, or he’ll fall for anything.” -Lt. Colonel Allen B. West Lt. Colonel Allen B.

#NUVEW Day 2: Shinola and Jack Krasula

On Day 2 of Values Emphasis Week at Northwood, we were lucky enough to have two esteemed speakers: Peter Shin, the

Kim and Donna Yost Kick off #NUVEW

Monday night Northwood kicked off its Values Emphasis Week with a great couple of people. First to speak was Donna