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Local Specials for Northwood Students

Local businesses know you work hard and need a treat to get you through the week now and then! Below

Freshman Reflections

We are down to the final two weeks of the school year and I am down to the final two

Headed for Senior Year

  Senior year is right around the corner for some of us and there have been a lot of great

Surviving Your Upcoming Finals

It’s finals season people! The word “finals” alone can cause any college student’s blood pressure to spike. We are in the homestretch

Stress Awareness Month and Relaxation Tips

Happy Stress Awareness month friends! This is the month for learning about the misconceptions about stress, the real dangers of

Lt. Colonel Allen B. West #NUVEW

“A man must stand for something, or he’ll fall for anything.” -Lt. Colonel Allen B. West Lt. Colonel Allen B.

#NUVEW Day 2: Shinola and Jack Krasula

On Day 2 of Values Emphasis Week at Northwood, we were lucky enough to have two esteemed speakers: Peter Shin, the

Kim and Donna Yost Kick off #NUVEW

Monday night Northwood kicked off its Values Emphasis Week with a great couple of people. First to speak was Donna

Holding onto Those “Best Friends Forever”

Everyone has at least a couple of friends who they have known for years, practically grew up with, and who might

The Necessity That Is Sleep

Sleep. Every college student loves it. Every college student needs it. Every college student decides at some point or another