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This city is AMAZING

After just a day in the great city of Paris, France, I can say that this town is so beautiful, the history, the design elements in the buildings, the style of the citizens. Our first day in the city was a very busy one, we walked almost 3 miles, because it is the best way to get around in such a busy city. We went on a boat through the river that goes through the city and were able to see plenty of major city buildings like the Notre Dame Cathedral and The Lourve, which is very large… by the way. There is so much in this city that merits a visit from any visitor I simply hope that I am able to see all the things I just saw on that boat ride while I am here. The advertising in Paris seems to be from a whole different perspective, the city has small billboards at about eye level when walking. They shift different ads periodically and seem to be a more direct message.

The time change is a major challenge to overcome, right now it is 9:42 A.M. in Paris time but in our time that we are used to in Michigan it is only 3:42 A.M. imagine that it feels like I am almost caught up to this major difference, its just difficult to contact the parents at home when I think it is a valid time, but is a horrible time for them because its 6 hours behind in their time.

The communication aspect of being in this city is a major challenge, I can now understand the importance of effective communication skills. When you previously had no knowledge of a language, such as French, and that is all the citizens speak is tough to get your point across. Some people understand basic English but the majority speak solid French and seem to be talking really fast, so it is hard to understand what they are saying.

There is so much that I want to do and see in this beautiful city, so I am going to leave my post at that, and then go out to explore the city a little more. I can’t wait until we are able to visit a business in the same industry of advertising to ‘pick their brains’ on advertising issues that I am sure are much different than the ones we face and hear about in Michigan

Thanks and I am going to have a blast in this town!

-Matt Allison