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What Day is it Again?

It seems as though the days just sort of blend together over here, with no definite end to one, or a clear-cut beginning. To start off Monday, we got up bright and early, for most it was around 7:30 am or so to start getting prepared for our first agency visit. Our first visit was with the JWT Groupe. It was very informative and a very cool visit. From their top floor meeting room, you had a view of all of Paris, it was incredible. We got out of that visit early, so we headed to the Louvre since it is closed on Tuesdays. Spent a solid two hours seeing all the Louvre has to offer: the Mona Lisa, Aphrodite, Madonna of the Rocks, and Napolean’s Apartments. The video is when you first walk onto the Louvre Campus, just a 360 degree view of how massive it is. The picture is inside the infamous Glass Pyramid. After the Louvre, we high-tailed it to the offices of BETC Europe where we received an amazing presentation on European Advertising and then got a tour of the Rooftop Lounge; once again with an amazing view of Paris! After BETC, it was time to play the Metro game and squirm our way back to the hotel. Now, just waiting to go out to dinner!
-Logan Wilke