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Today was an incredible day! It first started with a great Thai breakfast in the early morning. What we had planned today was to visit Burapha University. It is the second largest University in Thailand and the largest University in the Eastern Seaboard. They offered many different Masters and PhD programs that I find to be extremely interesting. While visiting Burapha University, I met the assistant Dean of Students Professor Supasit. He is a very respectable and honorable man. We had many very positive and interesting conversations about Burapha University, and how I could be able to attend this prestigious University. The students there were extremely nice and fun engage with at the University and when we visited the LG factory. Within the very short time I have spent in Thailand I can say that my future will be in Thailand. I will pursue the many business opportunities and educational experiences that Thailand is so plentiful of. I could never had imagine in a million years that I would want to live and work in another country. Without Professor Harris and my loving parents for all their support and encouragement I would have never seen or experienced anything like this in my life time. Thank you all very much!

– Tyler Krueger