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Day 2

Today’s main activities consisted of cave tubing and zip-lining through the forest. We started the day with breakfast at the hotel and afterwards we went on a drive to Caves Branch Outpost, where both activities took place. The zip-lining was a unique experience for everyone, especially for those of us who had never zip-lined before. The zip-lining activity consisted of a series of ten zip-lines throughout the forest. Some were extremely fast and others were very long; therefore, providing a different sensation each time. We definitely enjoyed zip-lining trough the Mayan rainforest. This was a truly exotic experience. After we went through every series of the zip line course, we went cave tubing. We wore special gear which included a life vest and a helmet with an integrated flashlight. We initiated our second activity with a 45 minute hike in the jungle, where we observed different types of trees and animal species. The real fun began when we saw the entrance to the cave. It was a truly gorgeous site! We floated through the caves with our headlamps and observed everything inside. We turned off our headlamps after exiting the last cave. Fortunately this was not all; we floated for an additional 30 minutes observing the natural beauty that surrounded us. We had lunch at the restaurant inside the Caves Branch Outpost. We were really lucky and were able to meet and speak with the founder of the Caves Branch Outpost. He provided a lot of information concerning environmental sustainability and other projects that he is currently working on. This conversation gave us valuable information from a very valuable and credible source. This was an opportunity that other tourist usually do not have.