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Day 3

Today we visited the Xunantunich Maya temples and a rainforest medicine trail. The Xunantinich Maya temples are filled with Mayan artifacts that lead to many mysteries. Our tour guide gave us a very detailed illustration of the Mayan life and also discussed several theories related to their emergence. He discussed the three stages of the Mayans, the pre-classic, classic, and post-classic periods. Many unsolved mysteries remain and therefore several theories were discussed in detail. The pyramids provided a fascinating and unbelievable view. We climbed two of the tallest pyramids of Xunantunich, which gave us an amazing panoramic view of both Belize and Guatemala. The pictures speak for themselves. El Castillo was the tallest temple that we climbed. Its height allowed us to see parts of Guatemala! We then went to visit a rainforest medicine trail. This activity was conducted by the creator of the trail whom politely greeted us and discussed the process of utilizing medicinal herbs. He was a very knowledgeable and experienced man. As we walked through the forest, he pointed out different types of plants, trees, and herbs that are utilized to cure many different types of illnesses. He provided a very detailed explanation for each plant, herb, or tree.