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Term in Asia 2010 is well into their studies

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Malaysia Kula Lampur Day one

Wow what a day!!! As a group we saw many places and did many things but I am only going to mention the highlights. The National Mosque of Kula Lampur was one of the biggest in the world. I absolutely loved it and admired its beauty. The greatest part of it was about 99% of all North American college students have never been to such a place. We all dressed appropriately and had to wear purple garments as you see in the picture. The palace of Kuala Lampur was also beautiful and the guards were very nice standing in front letting us take their pictures. The War memorial was very spectacular showcasing the Malaysian Flag.

Singapore city tour & more!

Singapore is a city state that was nominated one of the best places to live by Forbes magazine. Well, after seeing some of the sights here its easy to see why! There is much to explain but two key aspects I notice are how the government takes care of its people and the tropical scenery. The Singapore government makes sure all its low income housing individuals have all necessities near by. That means a quick walk gets you to a movie theater or a grocery store. Furthermore, its interesting to note that 90-95% of the Singapore people own their home. Even though, many of those homes are apartment size everyone takes care of their property. The scenery is very pretty here! I have never in my life seen prettier plants, trees and flowers and I grew up in south Florida. I strongly believe some of the prettiest plants in the world exist only in Asia .

Santosa Island

I have been lucky enough to have visited Singapore with Professor Robert Harris for my first time. I promise to always go to Sintosa island when I come here. This theme park is a get away for many Singaporians. The resort island show cases the history of Singapore along with other great attractions. Veched professor Harris’s son flew in from Thailand to make sure all of the term in Asia participants arrived safely and I am pictured with him on the city view photo