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Kuala Lumpur

On our third day in Kuala Lumpur, a full day city tour was on our schedule. We left our hotel early – which wasn’t easy for some of us after discovering the nightlife of Malaysia’s capital the night before. But still we were all on time and headed out to see some of Kuala Lumpur’s most beautiful landmarks. We saw amazing memorials such as the war memorial of Kuala Lumpur. But that’s was not all. We also got to explore one of the most beautiful Mosques we had ever seen.

But one of our personal favorites was still yet to come: The tower “Menara Kuala Lumpur”. The Menara is a 421-meter high tower that is located on the pineapple hill in the center of Kuala Lumpur. What is worth mentioning is that the pineapple hill is already 94 meters high so that on the top of the tower we were almost as high as Kuala Lumpur’s highest building: the “Petronas Towers”.

Upon arriving at the top we got a MP3 player. Equipped with this MP3 player we could explore Kuala Lumpur from a remarkable perspective and in addition received helpful information about Kuala Lumpur’s history. And as a highlight we could locate all the places we had been to shortly before.

Generally speaking, we were really surprised about Kuala Lumpur. It is already a well-developed city with all the conveniences of a city in the western hemisphere, where we would even consider living some day.

Posted by Michael Schenk & Philipp Spielbühler