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Hoh Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City

Straight after arriving at Ho Chi Minh City, we started to head out and explore Vietnams biggest city. Ho Chi Minh City, also called Saigon, is Vietnam’s biggest city with 8 million inhabitants. Our first impression: WOW is that city busy. There were motorbikes as far as we could see. There were also hotels, shopping centers and restaurants between all those vendors on the streets that caught our attention. Finally, after seeing all those luxurious cars on the streets we thought that our captain flew to a destination other than Vietnam.

But we were wrong; we really had been in Vietnam. Our conclusion of this city: “COMMUNISM DELUXE”. To us, it really didn’t look like a communist country. All the buildings designed in French architecture, the international banks and upscale fashion labels made us skeptical. But after taking a closer look we also could see the other side of the coin. Both the rich and the poor really do live very close to each other in this amazing city.

On our first day, we headed out straight after getting there, giving us plenty of time to see the city. We took a tourist bus to our first destination – the reunification palace. It was quite interesting to see where their former president, Ho Chi Minh, ruled the country.

The second destination was not as nice as the first since this was a war museum and memorial. But it was still interesting to see the reasoning behind the war from the Vietnamese perspective.

Posted by Michael Schenk & Philipp Spielbühler