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Zipping Through the Jungle Like Tarzan!

December 17, 2011
The first stop in today’s journey was to the Belize Zoo, according to Randy, this particular zoo is unique due to the fact that the animals are in their natural habitats. Throughout the zoo, we saw different and interesting species of animals that we have not encountered before. The highlight of the zoo was being victims of Junior, the JAGUAR! Professor threatened us saying that this could be our punishment for doing wrong during our stay in Belize.
The next destination was zip lining and cave tubing at Cave Branch Outpost . There were 7 different zip lines for us to zip down, all at different speeds, heights, and lengths. The tallest of which was about 700 feet with a speed about 30 miles per hour. We both felt like Tarzan racing down the line through the jungle. After zip lining, we had lunch and off to cave tubing we went! The hike was exhausting, going through the jungle and battling with the currents of the river. The hike was all worth it since the view of the cave tunnel was breathtaking. Traveling with the currents and ripples in the cave was enjoyable. We saw bats and other things by using our imagination, such as the three witches and the jaguar staring us down from above. Once the tubing trail ended, it was not the end of our adventure. Mostly everyone jumped from a cliff into the river, which was an adrenaline rush.
To end the tiresome day, we had an hour ride to our new hotel on top of the hills, Cahal Pech Resort. The view from our patio was magnificent because it was overlooking the village.

From Steven Cao and Lisa Nguyen