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Belize Day 6 – Free Day!

Today was a very relaxed morning. Each of us got up at our leisure and enjoyed a complimentary breakfast at Banana Beach before driving our golf carts downtown. It is our 3rd day in San Pedro and I’m becoming familiar with some of the locals. While downtown we did some shopping, mostly with the street merchants. I’m starting to become comfortable bargaining prices. It took me a while to get use to it. My favorite purchase was a wood carving with an eagle on one side and a Maya face on the other. After shopping we ate lunch at Fido’s. I would highly recommend it to anyone anticipating a trip to Belize. The restaurant overlooks the ocean. Lobster is relatively cheap compared to prices in America, so most of our group ordered that. Later on that night we decided to go out dancing and also sang karaoke. I fell in love with the Punta genre of music. Instead of wasting time sleeping that night we went swimming and waited for the sunrise. The sun rose around 5:30. After that I took a short nap in the hammock before departure.

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