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Coming to Vietnam I had heard that eating other different types of animals were an option. This was something that caught my attention, after listening to the options of what we were opened too, cobra was the more exotic yet subtle choice. Five of us students went to the restaurant not really knowing what to expect. We were sat in more of a VIP section, upstairs in a private room. The hospitality of the restaurant was very nice, the waiters and waitresses worked with us very well on what we were wanting. We then picked out what we wanted to try and how we wanted it cooked, thinking that was all we had to do the next thing we know the waiter brings in the cobra itself . I started to think maybe he was just showing us the size or making sure that’s what we were wanting. Soon after, another waiter walks in with a stool, it then hit me that they were going to kill this snake in front of us, and sure enough that’s what he did. But the show was still not over, we we’re debating on who was going to eat the heart and liver of the cobra, that personally wasn’t in my agenda to do but two of the other students were happy to do so. We were able to watch him cut out the heart and liver and drop then into a glass to drink. Then, he let the blood poor into bottle which was offered for us to try and drink. After the show they took the snake down to cook for us and we were left with this bottle of cobra blood for all of us to try. We all went there with the goal to not back out and this was a once in a life time experience so we all tried the cobra blood, and it isn’t too far from what you would expect it to taste like. Some of us enjoyed it, but for me, I can say I could tolerate it.  They brought out the cobra once it was ready and we got it cooked two different ways, it was surprisingly good, and we did finish it. Even though the cobra was enjoyed by me and my fellow classmates, I will probably not ever try cobra blood again, but I am glad that I did do it. Like I said before, this was a once in a life time experience.