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Semester in Asia- 2013 Malaysia


Today is our second day in Malaysia.  WOW! What a pleasant surprise Kuala Lampur is! As soon as we got off the flight from Bangkok we ventured onto a KL city tour.  Deanna, our tour guide, took us to the National Museum, the King’s Palace, the Twin Towers, and the Kuala Lampur Tower.  Malaysia is an extremely diverse country.  There is a prime minister, and nine royal families which run on a five year rotation.  Malaysia gained independence in 1957.  The country experiences warm weather year round, and considers its winter as monsoon season, very rainy.  It is a muslim country, and as we found out very few are truly native malay.  Many people from India, China and other parts of Asia have settled here over the years.  We found that english is spoken almost everywhere due to the British colonization in the late 1700s.  Here are some photos from the city tour:

Twin Towers


The King’s New Palace


After a great day touring the city of KL, we headed to another business partner meeting, this time with a Northwood alum.  Jonathan Seevaratnam graduated from Northwood Michigan in 2001 with an International Business and Management degree.  During his time in Michigan some jobs held by Jon included a student assistant, a door-to-door salesman in Detroit, and a professional clown.  Yes! A clown.  In May of 2000, with the inspiration of Will Smith, Jon established his brand Jiggee Entertainment. After living the “American Dream” and maxing out his credit cards, Jiggee Jon took his talents back to Malaysia.  Here is where his company became truly successful.  In 2012 Jiggee Entertainment Agency generated about four million in revenue.  So far, 2013 sales have already doubled this amount.  Jon welcomed us into his creative office atmosphere and gave us true entrepreneurial advice.  He credits a lot of his success to Northwood, and what his experiences in the states.  Currently his team consists of about ten creative employees at his headquarters in KL, and 60 special operations event day employees.  New this summer he has hired his first American intern, Tyler a student from the Michigan campus.  His business is growing rapidly, and he hopes to expand outside of southeast Asia.  Jiggee Jon’s story was inspirational and shows the importance of a strong entrepreneurial spirit.





Check out some of his teams work here:


This morning we attended an American Independence celebration at a local International University in KL.  Here I was reminded of what the American dream truly is.  The understanding of the global market is more important than ever.  As Americans we often plan our career paths within the boundaries of our own country.  I am learning that there are so many opportunities outside American territory.  When choosing a career path it is important to keep an open mind, an 18 month plan, and a positive attitude.  Being focused on these things will provide for a successful career. So far, Malaysia has been a great experience.  This afternoon we will attend a lecture on Islamic Banking.