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Semester in Asia 2013 – Cambodia

We have just come from Cambodia, one of the less developed countries of Southeast Asia. We came into a beautiful airport with traditional style architecture and were off on our first adventure to see the Floating Village.

Later on, we got to visit the Artisan d’Angkor. There were many magnificent pieces all around their store, but it was more fascinating to think of how each of those pieces was made by personal hand.

The next day was exciting as well, although it started on a sad note. We got to start at the Killing Field of Siem Reap. Our guide explained to us how the tragedy had come around because of the merciless Pol Pot in a time of great turmoil. We then continued to the world-famous Angkor Wat (pronounced Vhat). Walking around the temples, palace, and between the walls could give one the chills thinking of all the man-power and struggle that was put into building such a colossal city! We finished at a famous local restaurant where we had the chance to enjoy lovely dances depicting ancient and more recent stories.